Startups, the Schizophrenic Way. GTK #30: DoApp


[display_podcast]DoApp Mobile Phone Development

Rochester-based mobile developer DoApp has come a long way since the founding trio left the security of their corporate jobs three years ago this month.

“We had a very schizophrenic anti-MBA go to market,” says co founder and CEO Wade Beavers, speaking to inception. “When we got started, we did a variety of things thinking that one thing would take off — and in some dysfunctional way, they all did.  It has created as much opportunity as challenge.”

The firm was one of  the first 2500 companies approved to develop for Apple’s iPhone, having created three of the first 500 apps (there are over 350,000 today).  “People will pay for flatulence,” Beavers says reflecting on the dubious honor of having the first app ever to be banned by Apple — Whoopie Cushion.

Collectively, DoApp’s mobile apps have experienced over 12 million downloads; today, the company has four flagship products and 11 full time employees:

Mobile Local News – content delivery platform for TV, newspaper and radio stations.

iKenex – robust white label application for real estate agents & brokers.

adagogo – hyper local advertising platform (beta).

mRemedy – medical library and custom health tracker app created in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic.

“If you think your marriage has ups and downs, try a startup…it’s going to get tense…the key is to know that you’re in it to the end. Check your ego at the door — it’s about the end product.” — Wade Beavers, CEO, DoApp.

Tune in to our podcast interview for a candid first-hand perspective on starting and surviving the first few years…