Landing the Leap from Consulting to Products

by Brooke Rymer


The Guys in the BoothLife-long friends and business partners for over 10 years, Christopher Taylor and Victor Johnson have made the jump from consulting to niche mobile applications — and it’s working.

By combining their programming backgrounds with parenting experience, the duo have blazed a new trail by helping children as young as 18 months learn through a multitude of iOS apps. Formally known as The Guys in the Booth since 2009, Taylor and Johnson have stepped into the spotlight with multiple top 10 rankings in the App Store and recognitions by Apple including “New & Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” for their innovative creations.

With over ten apps in just two years, content inspiration comes directly from first-hand parenting experience; with every application iteration and development, both Taylor and Johnson successfully transfer their own real-life experiences of watching their children learn into the digital world.

Their first app, ABC 123 Blocks is approaching its second year anniversary, with over 50,000 users across the board. With 7 modules and the 8th on its way, ABC 123 Blocks is geared towards parents with young children anywhere from 18 months to 3 years of age. These young players and their parents have the option of playing matching games, animal puzzles, or a music module featuring a tiny xylophone for a little guy or gal to bang on. ABC 123 Blocks comes in two versions, the first of which has a small handful of free games, while the second version cost $1.99. All apps are available for multi-device iOS use, so customers can happily ‘buy once and play everywhere’, as Taylor puts it.

When Taylor and Johnson decided to take things full-time last September, they released two more kid-focused apps back to back: Build A Zoo and Build a Train.  Both applications effectively combine a simple, traditional learning approach with an element of exploration that encourages imagination. Collectively, all their apps assist young children with the development of motor skills, timing and other practical life skills and lessons.

In the last month alone, they’ve seen 50,000 new users adopt their Build a Train lite version. Their latest app is Counting Ants, which provides young children a fun and effective way to learn counting – across 10 different languages. What’s next you might wonder? “A monster coloring book,” Taylor says.

While the guys have done their fair share of platform research, they believe that Apple offers the best place for the release of their products at this time, although they remain open to others as their respective markets mature.

Taylor believes that with the increasing integration of tablets and mobile devices into education system, the Guys in the Booth have a real opportunity to be part of the reinvention of modern education.

“Education is on the verge of transformation driven by technology and we are excited to be part of it, firsthand,” says Taylor.


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