Local Music Technology Start-Up Launches Private Beta



Via News Release

SwapBeats, Inc., a Minneapolis-based technology start-up company, privately launched SwapBeats.com on Tuesday, April 19th. SwapBeats is a digital music collaboration and networking workhorse, enabling musicians to connect and collaborate with each other while buying, selling and swapping tracks online. It’ s part network, part marketplace, part sound storage and large part collaborative tool.

SwapBeats.com has been in the making for three years, moving through multiple rounds of financing and development stages before coming to fruition in private beta. Currently, SwapBeats is inviting select artists to register for the site and test its tools and functions in live format. The SwapBeats team will use their feedback to tease out any bugs and ramp up site functions before publicly launching early this summer.”

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It is worth noting that we featured a detailed profile on SwapBeats back in August when they intended to originally launch.  The startup then “hit some speedbumps” that delayed them by months; great to see that SwapBeats is still in the game, despite the challenges!