New Homegrown Startup Eases the Headaches of Hiring

by Son Huynh


HyierNo interview procedure is perfect.  Shifting through endless piles of resumes is time consuming and that’s before the actual interview process. As a means of vetting the un and under-qualified, many employers are seeking more efficient methods for pre-screening applicants.

Hyier is a local beta startup providing on-demand video recording service for companies to supplement and streamline their current interview procedure. Co founder Derek Buschow had the idea from experiencing firsthand just how flawed the interview process can be when he was applying for jobs while still in college. Now an entrepreneurship graduate from the University of St. Thomas, he dreams about making a difference in the hiring industry.

While not meant to be a replacement for interviewing but rather an effective means to pre-screen applicants, Hyier lets companies create a job in the system, including questions for individual candidates. The applicants are notified via email and using it’s web interface, can record a response to be sent directly back to the employer. A quick demo provided by Buschow showed an extremely simple and smooth interface that makes it easy to use for both parties to engage.

On-demand video recording provides many benefits to both employers and applicants. Applicants can record their responses on their own time and in the comfort of their own location. Likewise, employers can view the archived responses anytime, anywhere and most importantly — multiple times if necessary.

Although applicants can prepare responses and record their answers on their own terms, it is by no means any easier to land the job. Employers can force a time limit on the response, and the video is sent directly to the employer once recording is finished. This means no fixes, no editing, and no going back once the record button is pressed.

Video recording is not a new concept to the hiring industry and Hyier is not the first company to enter this space. At least two other companies, HireVue and InterviewStream, have already been doing this for some time. The way Buschow sees it, Hyier is taking an agile approach to make the technology available through an easier to use process, better customer service and more aggressive pricing model.

Hyier is currently in beta testing with six different companies and several more have already signed up to use the service when it’s fully ready. Ideally, they would like to be open market sometime in June — but meanwhile they are in the process of gathering feedback,  figuring out their marketing approach and final pricing model.