Inbox Cupid Takes Daily Deals to the Next Level with Daily Dates

by Geoff Dutton



Instead of offering email subscribers a new deal per city each day, a new Minnesota startup launched last week called Inbox Cupid is delivering a daily dater per city.

The brainchild of co-founder Kareem Ahmed, the goal is to conveniently and automatically connect local singles in a virtual speed dating kind of way.

Once enrolled, you receive a daily date in your inbox which you can simply ignore, glance over and consider or send an initial message if the person seems like someone you would like to get to know more. It’s so easy in fact that you don’t even need to go to to the website (or any dating site) whereas you simply check your email — something you’re already doing on a regular basis.

“If you’ve ever been single, you know how hard it is to meet new people. Inbox Cupid makes it as simple as waking up in the morning and checking your email on your phone or computer and deciding whether or not you feel like going on a date tonight,” said co-founder David Dellanave.  If you would like to be profiled as one of the daily dates, you simply fill out a few questions, pick your best picture, and insert yourself into the queue. So far Inbox Cupid has over 4,000 subscribers from across 37 states, and about 400 daily dates in the queue.

Inbox Cupid 2

While Inbox Cupid is completely free to subscribe to, if the daily date is someone you are interested in, it costs a 99 cents to send a message (bulk pricing available). “Ideally the site would be free, but the 99 cents is there to make sure the sender is actually serious and not spamming every daily date,” said Ahmed.

When you visit the site, your metro area will automatically be detected to be sure you only receive daily dates from singles in your geo location. Subscribe today and you may just see this author’s profile in your inbox.