High School and College Sports Video Startup Company Raising $800k


Prep AthleteVideo for Athletes Inc., also known as PrepAthlete, has embarked on a second round of equity financing target of $800k ($200k banked) according to a recent SEC filing.

Founded in 2009, the startup is focused on capturing, packaging and distributing video for sports teams on the high school and college level using proprietary “digital video capture technology.”  The product line includes a software package and the largest video content library of high school game footage, player highlights and player statistical data in the country.

There are currently over 3500 high schools and 400 colleges (including Florida, Notre Dame, Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Florida St. to name a few) that currently contract with Prepathlete.com — says the company’s website.

An earlier video pitch by “owner” Charlie Kruse explains many nuances of this startups mechanics, model and growth prospects.  According to Cruse, the startup has received $1.2m funding to date, whereas $800k would peg the total capitalization at $2m.