Latest MinneBar puts Minnesota tech on the map


Whatever the motivation — to learn, network, hire, pitch, find inspiration or quench curiosity — over 1,000 Minnesota technology, design and startup enthusiasts passed through the doors of Best Buy HQ over a a 12 hour window yesterday.

Heralded as the largest BarCamp in the US, the latest production of MinneBar (6th to date) was easily the best yet in terms of participation, session breadth / quality, reach and energy.  Guided by Minne* catalysts Ben Edwards, Luke Francl and Adrienne Pierce, the unconference was clearly a success on many levels; the message is clear: Minnesota tech has arrived.

“Our crappy weather is a natural productive advantage for us here,” says Best Buy CTO Robert Stephens, referring to our seasonal hibernation.  Here Stephens discusses his daily objectives, a vision for teaching programming skills to our youth and how a few key people can make a big difference within a given community.

We facilitated a panel session titled ‘Fundraising from Minnesota’ featuring tech entrepreneurs Jon Dahl, Matt Bauer, Darren Cox and Lief Larson. Building off the facts — tips, tactics, advice and candid admissions ensue! A worthwhile watch for those early-stage entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital in today’s market.

Big thanks to Justin Peck for the steady hand!


  • Russ Kurhajetz

    Minnebar 2011 @ Best Buy was a great event!

  • Darren Cox

    Jeff, Mike John, Matt and Lief,

    I just watched the video from our session at Minnebar and I am extremely proud of having been able to participate with all of you in this kind of forum. I learned a ton from just being able to sit up there with you guys. You guys are great examples of the reason the Minnesota Tech Startup community has so much positive momentum right now.

    I hope all the folks in the audience got as much out of the experience as I did. Thanks for letting me hang out with you.