Born Again Tech Entrepreneur Launches B2B Collaboration Platform. Local Startup Spotlight #32: Nitch



A new Minnesota startup has launched an online community for vertically segmented, or Nitch, Business-to-business interactions.

The premise is that small business owners can create bids to find new vendors, band together to receive volume discounts on goods / services, and connect with similar businesses.   The platform is built on five pillars — search, commerce, advertising, collaboration, applications — and is free for customers to use.

Created in response to a proprietors daily pains of “wearing too many hats”, the technology has been in development for nearly a year and quietly gone to market over the past few months.  Co founder and CEO Michael Noble reports having both users and facilitating transactions while preparing to release third party developer API this summer.

“As a platform play, our goal is to carve out the B2B area of the web to solve immediate problems. Facebook is more of a place for individuals consumers, but where does mom and pop go to solve their immediate needs in one stop?” he posits.

In our 32nd Local Startup Spotlight podcast, Noble reflects about his east coast technology background, elaborates on the specifics of the new endeavor and shares what it’s been like to start something from scratch in Minnesota.

“With the way that technology works today, you need to find a way to build something on your own.  Trying to go out and raise capital too early can be the death knell of your company. Ideas evolve over time, and in my experience, every company we’ve built has turned out vastly different than how we originally pictured it.” — Michael Noble, Nitch co founder and CEO.