Best Buy Rolls Out Music Cloud in US Market



Via Bloomberg

Best Buy Co., the world’s largest consumer-electronics retailer, is expanding a U.K. online music platform to the U.S. to challenge Amazon Inc. and Apple Inc. in so-called cloud-based offerings, the technology supplier said.

Best Buy’s U.S. Music Cloud service, powered by Catch Media Inc., is available for mobile devices such as Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry smartphone and those using Android technology, Catch Media Chief Executive Officer Yaacov Ben-Yaacov said today in a phone interview.”

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  • Kim Garretson

    Thanks for posting this news Jeff. With a bit of self-promo here, Catch Media has been a client for four years as the company has worked to enter the market with a new label-approved service that lets anyone with an iTunes library play all their music on any mobile device or via a Web browser when they are not at their PC. With no uploading of personal music from iTunes, the Best Buy service operates like an ATM network. The Catch Media software merely registers to the cloud the tracks in the iTunes library, like your bank registers how much money you have. Then when a user wants to play a track from the Registry it triggers a Clearinghouse Digital Locker that holds a copy of that track in the proper format. 

    What's most interesting to me, as an interested party in Best Buy's potential success with this service in competition with iCloud, is that some media are beginning to say that Apple is playing catch-up with other services, but that services like the Best Buy Music Cloud are better than Apple's offering. Here's one of the better comparisons, with the Best Buy info at the end of the article:

  • Las Vegas Recording Studios

    We look forward to launching a similar service across the US,  I want to share “Best Buy Rolls Out Music Cloud Service”.

  • Baltimore Nightlife

    Can't wait for this. Always love having many choices and anything UK is groovy to me :)

    • Top Music Charts

      As I always say more music much better! Instead of music cloud Best Buy should roll out a music storm where they focus their marketing more on music related stuff.