Project Skyway Announces Inaugural Summer Class

project skyway25 different early stage tech companies flocked to CoCo last weekend for an opportunity to tell their story and secure a seat at Minnesota’s first tech accelerator this summer.

Today, Project Skyway announced the final eight ‘skywalkers’ who will be participating in Minnesota’s inaugural class, starting on August 1 at the new CoCo Minneapolis.

“It goes without saying that it was difficult to select our final companies from the 25 that participated in our recent Bootcamp Weekend,” said Cem Erdem, Founder of Project Skyway. “We were so thoroughly impressed by the passion and drive all our campers demonstrated throughout the weekend. However, I am confident the final companies we selected represent the values and principles we outlined when we started Project Skyway last October.”

Cor2 Technology offers a cloud based business process and work flow automation service to help organizations with 5 to 500 co-workers eliminate piles of paper pushing by integrating our simple applications with unlimited user licenses that power the whole organization.

(10) Naiku LogoNaiku creates an affordable Software-as-a-Service that K-12 teachers use to easily individualize learning with a dashboard created by its proprietary analytics model.

NitchNitch is an online platform for B2B collaboration and commerce.

PayPongoPaypongo service is a secure mobile payment solution which allows consumer to merchant transactions; consumer to consumer transactions; and merchant to merchant transactions all through mobile devices. Transactions can originate from banking accounts or credit cards.

qualtrxQualtrx is a new healthcare sales channel–an online solutions marketplace where healthcare providers publish patient care needs, goals & priorities and where Pharma & Device vendors purchase these needs as “keywords” to make targeted needs-based proposals via the Qualtrx platform.

Telemetry WebTelemetry Web helps makers of Internet-connected sensors and industrial devices build a new class of innovative, data-centric solutions by leveraging our ready-to-use, scalable Software-as-a-Service platform to secure, store, process, and integrate sensor data in novel ways.

Uhungry is developing a social networking site to help college students save money and time by making it easy for them to place orders online at quick-serve restaurants with a group of friends while earning points for completing tasks to spend on future orders.

VanquishAPVanquish AP is developing a real estate management platform that connects property managers, building owners, and tenants by creating local social communities while automating redundant tasks, and centralizing logistics.

We can expect the Project Skyway ‘demo day’ sometime in the second half of October. For more explanation on why these participants were chosen, watch this video.


  • Darren Cox

    Congrats to all of these great companies. You all deserve it.

  • Ernest G.

    Way to go, Skywalkers!   Will be a wild ride.

  • Kim Garretson

    What I admire about Cem & Casey's selections is they clearly are betting on the 'jockeys' not the 'race horses', knowing that it's the talent that can build fast, test and tune to how their markets respond to their products and services. I met with most of these companies on the weekend, talking strategic partnerships, and all of these teams have great potential to scale with smart partners. I'm excited to experience the 'electricity' of these teams working together in the amazing CoCo Mpls space on the Minneapolis Grain Exchange Trading Floor. I shot this panorama of the space last week as it's being built out:

  • Rashaun P. Sourles

    The @Qualtrx:twitter team is thrilled to have been invited into @ProjectSkyway:twitter inaugural class.  It's great to see that we are developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will rival any other major market–and we're doing it the MN way.  I'm proud to launch my company here and have a real community supporting our success!

  • Endre Govrik

    Congrats to all the winners!   Everyone is behind you!

  • John Krech

    Congratulations to all the Skywalkers – look forward to hearing updates regarding your success.