Rochester’s Hardcore Computer Raising Another Million


Hardcore ComputerRochester-based Hardcore Computer has signaled plans of raising another funding round after filing a disclosure with the SEC showing that $100k out of $1m has been secured.

Hardcore Computer custom-designs and manufactures high-performance computer systems that use a variety of patented technologies, including liquid-submersion cooling. In addition to high performance computer systems, Hardcore Computer’s liquid-submersion technology is suitable for cooling a number of computing platforms, including servers, console gaming machines and laptops.

“We’re currently seeing a lot of interest in our Liquid Blade Server and will be applying our recent funding towards expanding this product line,” says CEO Al Berning.

The startup was founded in early 2006 by Daren Klum and Chad Attlesey — since which,  Klum has transitioned into a board role and pioneered another, separate hardware startup called CRAM Worldwide.   Hardcore’s technology was introduced to the market last spring; it’s estimated that the venture has raised $5m in combined funding thus far and has roughly 30 employees.  Earlier this year, it was announced that Sun Microsystems co founder Scott McNealy had become an advisor.  Keep an eye on this one in the near term…