Step one: skip college. Step two: launch a tech startup

by Brooke Rymer


At the ripe age of 18 and while still in high school, entrepreneur Nathan Reimnitz picked up a copy of “Freakonomics” and made a conscious decision to skip the traditional college path.

Instead, he (politely) passed on MIT, curtailed his skateboarding business, and went to work full steam on tackling a much bigger industry in dire need of innovation — Real Estate.

Reimnitz, now 22,  initially started his business in 2007 as a ‘for sale by owner (FSBO)’ concept that would allow property renters and sellers to leverage the marketing capabilities of technology without the need of a realtor. “The book had a chapter about agents…a middleman whose interests were actually their own, first and foremost,” he recalls.  Initially named and modeled after CarSoup, VillaSoup reached revenue within two weeks by automating FSBO listings across a network of dozens of classified sites for a flat fee.