Bringing SMBs from E-commerce to F-commerce. Local Startup Spotlight #33: OneWay Commerce



OneWay CommerceA new social commerce application for Facebook fan pages called OneWay Commerce is breaking into the SMB market this summer in collaboration with Intuit.

Born from the mind of Minnesota tech entrepreneur Joe Dwyer, this bootstrapped startup initially came onto the radar a few weeks ago when interviewing semi-finalists at a Minnesota Cup event.

At the time, it was easy draw some correlations between OneWay Commerce’s model and the rise of ’09’s winner, now called 8thBridge; both operate in the arena of social commerce, specifically designed to enable e-commerce F-commerce transactions via Facebook.  In contrast, what Dwyer has created is a clear emphasis on empowering individuals, small and medium businesses with a quick, easy and affordable means of launching their own commerce app via their Facebook fan page.

“Our software is fully functional and we’ve got dozens of customers generating revenue,” says Dwyer, noting “the application  is ideal for venders who offer a relatively small product line, even as little as one item.”

This  product is a natural extension for Dwyer, as his decade old software company, Propelware, specializes in accounting and CRM data integration projects.  Perhaps most interesting about OneWay Commerce is the go to market launch with Intuit who has blessed the app and will be helping to promote it’s availability.

This is relationship that will prove necessary in the face of competition like VC-backed Payvment. “Our main strength is our ability to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, since that’s what we know from experience…it’s also nice to have them as a distribution partner with the launch,” he responds when asked about going to market and scaling.

Although consumer behavior patterns are always evolving and buying and selling via Facebook remains a relatively fresh concept, Dwyer is confident that “It’s a big market that’s ready to explode.”

And no doubt that when you get three quarters of a billion people in any one place, the natural laws of human nature —  such as buying, selling and trading goods or services are bound to manifest…Dwyer’s plan is to essentially provide the shovels for this goldrush.

Tune in for our 33rd Local Startup Spotlight podcast to hear the finer details of OneWay Commerce.


  • John Krech

    This is a great app that brings ecommerce to main street.