Workface raises another $900k

by Mike Bollinger


Workface, the Minnesota startup that created BusinessCard2, announced it has raised more than $900,000 in new financing. Participating investors in the latest round include Arthur Ventures and Omphalos Ventures. Since its incorporation in 2007, Workface has raised over $2.5 million.

Workface helps companies market, sell, and support their products and services online by enabling them to promote their employees’ expertise and help their staff engage with prospects online and in real time.

According to Lief Larson, CEO of Workface, more than 75,000 professionals and over 2,500 different companies are now using Workface technology to enable their sales and customer service staffs to engage with prospects.  “Our ‘profile’ technology helps companies shorten sales cycles, connect with prospects at the moment of interest, and increase the level of engagement and intimacy with customers,” said Lief. “This new round of capital will help us grow revenue from existing customers, add new customers and focus on several key platform enhancements.”

This financing builds on the momentum of the company’s platform debut at DEMO in Palm Springs earlier this year.