Bulk Reef Supply grows 1,200% in four years

by Mike Bollinger


Ryan Batcheller and Drew DunemanBulk Reef Supply, an online e-commerce retailer that sells reefing supplies for saltwater aquarium hobbyists and professionals, has seen impressive growth of 12x in just 4 years since it was founded in 2007.

Andrew Duneman and Ryan Batcheller, partners in the business, can boast the classic entrepreneurial story: just five years ago both partners were working as wait staff at a local Steakhouse. Ryan was running a few niche retail businesses out of his fiancé’s basement. Andrew, whose father and grandfather were both entrepreneurs, decided that he wanted to get out of the serving industry. He didn’t want to “go corporate”, so his only other option was to start something. A few months later the friends found themselves sourcing saltwater aquariums additives in a 700 sq ft space they had on a 3-month lease.