Paypongo explains why it dropped out of Project Skyway



By Wendy Lee, Star Tribune

Tony Williamson, CEO of mobile payment business Paypongo, said he just couldn’t bring himself to sign local tech accelerator Project Skyway’s contract last week.

His lawyer was out of the country and the amount of equity Project Skyway would get out of the company was concerning, Williamson said.”

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  • Andrew Korf

    Kind of a thin article from the strib and @striblee . The value provided by tech accelerators isn't the cash, it's the connections, the mentorship and the community of entrepreneurs an individual company is working with in a given class of entrepreneurs. Cem is providing a great addition to the Twin Cities tech community – Its unfortunate that this article, @striblee, and @paypongo weren't more focused on the real value and opportunity Project Skyway is providing.

  • Casey Allen

    @twitter-1525071:disqus Interesting point. 
    I'm consistently amazed and how much out of proportion some people insist on making the percentage. The good news is that the companies who stayed in, the ones who weren't wishy washy about it, are just going to get more concentrated attention and publicity as a result.

    PG frames it well, I think: