Radically innovative speakers from Minnesota?



By Steve Guttenberg, CNET

“Most speakers–from the affordable models to state-of-the-art contenders–are box designs. Some are tall, slender boxes, some are tiny cubes or spheres, but they all have some type of cabinet. Unless you’re an audiophile, just about every speaker you’ve ever heard has dome tweeters and cone drivers, so you might conclude that all speakers are made that way.

Standing apart from the crowd, Magnepan speakers are slender, flat-panel designs, less than a couple of inches thick. The speakers don’t rely on conventional tweeters and woofers; Magnepan speakers’ sound-producing elements are proprietary thin-film drivers.

Magnepan’s Jim Winey started developing the technology in 1969; it has been used in more than 200,000 pairs of his speakers. The company is based in Minnesota, and uses American-made parts. Prices start at $600 per pair of speakers.”

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