Minneapolis Dev Shop Breaks Ground on Mobile Gaming Space

Northeast Minneapolis-based  software developer  Bust Out Solutions recently announced the release of their first mobile game, Brahmageddon.  The foray represents something bigger for the 14 person firm looking to explore greater opportunities in the space under the brand name ‘Bust Out Games’.

Brahmageddon (named after the Hindu god of creation) is simple by design — it’s where Whac-A-Mole meets Hindu demons for Apple’s iOS:

“It’s mayhem in ancient India! Cannibal demons are popping up everywhere! Brahmageddon is nigh! Yet all hope is not lost, for your fingertips possess the awesome power of … demon smiting! Will you wield that power? Will you heed the hero’s call? Well, look at their smug little faces. Don’t you just want to bonk them on the head?”