Ridgeview Medical Center Forms Strategic Partnership with Chicago Health IT Accelerator



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“MINNEAPOLIS, August 10, 2011 – The Twin Cities metro area has become a focal point for healthcare innovation, cultivating the growth of a number of successful startups, including RedBrick Health and Bloom Health, to name just a few.

Ridgeview Medical Center has embraced companies like Redbrick Health and Bloom Health through pioneering customer relationships. As further display of this commitment to innovation, Ridgeview announced today a strategic partnership with Healthbox, a national accelerator program for early-stage healthcare businesses. Ridgeview was the first health system nationallyto sign up as a mentoring partner in the Healthbox program, and the system’s engagement will lend participating entrepreneurs the input and expertise necessary to bring groundbreaking solutions to market.”

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    It’s exciting to see the disintermediation of information that transformed the publishing industry, the travel industry and even the financial services industry finally gaining momentum in the healthcare industry. The majority of health issues and resulting costs are being incurred as a result of people’s lifestyles, life situations and modifiable behavioral choices. What has been most encouraging from my perspective is to see the stunning number of consumer-focused startups and consumer’s willingness to embrace both online and mobile offerings focused on disease management and increasing physical activity. People are ready to embrace an alternative form to personal growth over what their parents and grandparents choose. For us, we’re betting on a shift away from a monolithic provider-centric focus on treatment to a consumer centric focus on Wellness and prevention. Recognizing that health is about more than exercise and calorie counting, I believe 2012 will be the year people begin fully embrace consumer technologies as an
    integral means of improving any domain of their health and wellbeing.