TelemetryWeb Preps for The Internet of Things

by Geoff Dutton


TelemetryWebEntrepreneur Neal Tovsen’s obsession for the last two years can been found in capturing data from the real world and displaying it in the virtual world.

During the winter of 2010, he left the 9 – 5  with XATA and embarked on  his first startup, TelemetryWeb, a SaaS for web connected hardware devices to “observe data at a distance”.

He says that  the biggest pitfall of systems he’s dealt with in the past is that too often assumptions were made about how the data will be used.  “Since I’ve run into major limitations with past systems, I’ve designed TelemetryWeb to be very flexible around what can be done with information that has been collected.”

The technology is pointed squarely at innovations within the agricultural industry right now and the biggest customer to date is a company called Feedlogic, which creates hardware for monitoring livestock feed consumption. In this instance, TelemetryWeb provides the backend support for capturing the data from the hardware sensors and displaying that in a “farmer friendly way,” he says.

TelemetryWeb’s business model is a subscription charge based on three variables: number of hardware devices, frequency that the devices sends data and the complexity of the data sent.

Tovsen’s near term goals are to win more customers and raise some capital to take TelemetryWeb to the next level. As a participant in the inaugural Project Skyway class, he is very optimistic about the future of his company and is busy prepping for a working demonstration in October. “Project Skyway has been immensely helpful from a networking and mentoring stand point. I’ve had a blast becoming part of the Minneapolis tech startup community.”