ActiFi gaining ground on equity round



Plymouth-based ActiFi has reportedly raised $137k of a targeted $2m equity round according to a disclosure recently filed with the SEC.

From the company’s website:

“ActiFi is a software and solutions company that creates scalable business execution programs to the financial services industry. Our proprietary solutions and technology, combined with extensive industry experience, help advisory firms prioritize and translate high level business objectives and goals into executable plans and processes.”

It appears as though this round commenced sometime earlier this year, as the firm was listed as raising $25k through the Angel Investor Tax Credit ‘at the half’.  ActiFi CEO Spenser Segal had this to say about the activity:

“We formally filed for the $2m insider round and were very successful in our initial efforts.  We are seeing record revenue and profits in our software licensing and thus, don’t anticipate needing any additional funding however, the filing allows us the flexibility to raise more from existing shareholders should we wish to expand our growth even faster.”

Tangentially related — ActiFi SVP & CMO, Sam Richter, also happens to be one of ten judges in the high tech division of the Minnesota Cup.