BookBottles fills your glass with some SaaS

by Guest


By Ryan Ruud

Reserving your own space at that nearby nightclub just became easier than ever before. Want to add some top shelf liquors to your table? Skip the line and spin records with the DJ?

Minnesota startup BookBottles launched this week to “bring the nightclub industry into the 21st century,” says CEO Adam Link.  The SaaS company manages customer logistics to let nightclub owners, managers and promoters do what they do best: create great customer experiences.

According to Link, the standard way of getting on a guest list and reserving tables has been a tedious process with plenty of room for error. “You make a phone call to a club, and if they pick up, they’ll take a reservation with a paper and pen. There’s all sorts of potential problems here.Who wants to take that type of risk when they’re arriving with friends or business associates at midnight?”