BookBottles fills your glass with some SaaS

by Guest


By Ryan Ruud

Reserving your own space at that nearby nightclub just became easier than ever before. Want to add some top shelf liquors to your table? Skip the line and spin records with the DJ?

Minnesota startup BookBottles launched this week to “bring the nightclub industry into the 21st century,” says CEO Adam Link.  The SaaS company manages customer logistics to let nightclub owners, managers and promoters do what they do best: create great customer experiences.

According to Link, the standard way of getting on a guest list and reserving tables has been a tedious process with plenty of room for error. “You make a phone call to a club, and if they pick up, they’ll take a reservation with a paper and pen. There’s all sorts of potential problems here.Who wants to take that type of risk when they’re arriving with friends or business associates at midnight?”

Users simply select their destination, how many people they’ll be arriving with and the date.  From there, they’re able to select from a highly customized list of options and upgrades that are tailored specifically to each venue to make and confirm their reservation in under a minute.

BookBottles plans to work with local event promoters and utilize social media to get the word out about the software solution, building off a current customer roster that includes Seven and Imperial room, amongst others. The service is currently accessible through the BookBottles’ mobile friendly website, with a standalone app in the works.

The nightclub space, Link says, provides a massive market for potential with nearly 10,000 nightclubs in the U.S. alone that represent potential customers for the service.  The free service for the end user is charged to the establishment as a subscription rate plus a price per head; Link estimates revenue potential at well over $100 million annually, saying that “Most people have no idea how much money goes into the industry and what the margins are like.”

The team is working on fleshing out the business model to scale BookBottles to other markets, with their sights set on Chicago next.  “Once we get this market locked down, we hope to move quickly into bigger markets like New York and Las Vegas,” he says.


  • Starpower2

    Its about time someone figured out a better process for booking bottle service. Way to go!

  • kamranayub

    Congrats guys! I wish you the best of luck…

  • kareemy

    Cool idea