TECHdotMN TV Debut Interview with Naiku

by The TECHdotMN Team



Welcome to the first glimpse of TECHdotMN TV, an experimental weekly Minnesota tech TV show filmed from CoCo Minneapolis and produced by TheUptake.

This foray represents a first of its kind media exploration into regular video dispatches focused exclusively on the Minnesota tech community; the inaugural episode of TECHdotMN TV season one will air next Friday, September 8th (11:05), and run every consecutive Friday for eight weeks (Oct. 28).  A 20 minute programming framework will feature headlines, guest interviews, commercial content, special segments and more.

Today, we’re sharing a brief debut interview with the recent Minnesota Cup high tech Division winner and Project Skyway starup Naiku:


Co founders Corey Thompson, Adisack Nhouyvanisvong and Kevin Sampers discuss their past, present and future as they gear up to give their best 12 minutes next Thursday and turn around to pitch investors directly on October 14th.

If you know of — or have the pleasure of meeting these Minnesota tech entrepreneurs — be sure to thank them for reinvesting into TECHdotMN TV with some of their hard earned money:

Rob WeberW3i

Justin KaufenbergTST Media

Jim WolfordAtomic Data

Lief LarsonWorkface

Do you want to be a guest of the show or know someone that should? Have a topical suggestion, feedback, or collaborative idea? Don’t be shy!


  • Directsite

    Naiku has hit the nail on the head.  It is exactly what is missing in our education systems today. What a perfect way to track each child as an individual, and prevent many of our children from getting lost in the group. I see this program being used in ALL schools in the near future!  Way to go, Naiku!

  • Adisackn

    Thanks for the great comments and support of Naiku. Much appreciated.

  • Bill

    Get out there on Thursday and represent MN Cup High Tech! Best of luck guys. -Bill

  • Consatech/ RICH DALY

    NAIKU!!  has a great business opportunity!!  A real “WOW”!!; Large mkt!; Innovative solution! (With potential IP); Experienced Mgt team; and a well thought through “Go to Mkt strategy”. The Company is already well positioned.  RICH DALY