TECHdotMN TV Episode 3: Office Cribs

by The TECHdotMN Team


TECHdotMN TV Episode #3 show notes:

MESA wants to mentor emerging software companies

Bloom Health sells majority stake

RedBrick Health hiring up

SportsData needs an agile PM

Minnesota Developers Conference coming up

Entrepreneur Dan Kent launched daily caption contest GiggleTrigger this week

Project Skyway halftime report.

Recharge Studios launching Battle Bears freemium in Canada & UK


Andrew Korf on design thinking

Patrick Riley shows off Modern Survey’s NE Minneapolis crib

Marc Grabanski’s expert network coming to Burnsville


  • Casey Allen

    This is massively improving, guys. Mad props to Mike, Jeff, and the Uptake team. Honored to be on, and keep the fast pace going.

  • maxharp3r

    Nice work, tech dot mn.

  • Justin Porter

    Well done TECHdotMN team!

  • Daren Klum

    Jeff – congratulations to you and your entire team for TECHdotMN TV!! This is huge, and will propel your company to new heights. I'm so incredibly excited for you.

  • Nathan Erickson

    this is great, mad love to Jeff and Mike….keep it up fellas!

  • Nathan Erickson

    this is great, mad love Jeff and Mike….keep it up fellas!

  • Joel Howard

    Physically tried to peal myself away from this one, but it was too well done. Very good stuff; thanks for all you do!