Hackers & Security Experts Descend on Minneapolis

by Peter Beacom

OWASP-AppSec-USA-20111The Open Web Application Security Project held their AppSec USA conference last week, drawing over 600 from around the world to the Minneapolis Convention Center to discuss the security considerations of living “your life in the cloud”.

Envisioned and organized by MPLS chapter president Adam Baso and Lorna Alamri, the conference consisted of two days of training, followed by two days of talks by international information security experts, hackers, and academics. There were also a handful dozen vendors on display such as Minneapolis-based security analysis and penetration testing firm NetSPI.

From the Beginning

A keynote was delivered by Mark Curphey who founded OWASP ten years ago and is currently employed by Microsoft. He gave a brief history of OWASP and its “creation to counter fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the information security space.” He also recognized some of the many contributors who have built OWASP into the preeminent source for web application security knowledge over the past decade.