CityCamp Coming to Minnesota

While it isn’t exactly what one Minnesotan had wished for, our state is about to take big initial step towards connecting local technical talent with the public sector when CityCamp rolls into town this fall.

Championed by the founder of and Ashoka fellow Steven Clift, the local unconference is scheduled for Saturday, November 12th at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Center.

Clift anticipates that a diversity of programmers, digital creatives and entrepreneurs will turnout to interact with other interested peers, including representatives from local government IT and communications departments.  The guiding framework will explore:

  • In a world of scarce public resources, how do we take advantage of the “2.0″ online, social media, and open source world to help build awesome local communities?
  • How can we connect the interested public with 2.0 skills to work with government, community groups, neighborhood associations, local ethnic associations, and more?
  • How can our local communities be bold, inclusive, open, accessible, wired and darn right innovative when bottom-up connects with top-down for collaboration?

“Matching the technology community with public sector needs is a movement that we’re behind on,” says Clift, who has been working in the convergence of technology and government since 1994. “From open government and online community engagement to local resource sharing and social media, we’ll put it all on the table at this inaugural gathering.”

Event registration is free, but capped at the first 100; participants may submit and vote on topical sessions here. In addition to event hosts and the Public and Non-Profit Leadership Center at the Humphrey School, current sponsors include the Humphrey School’s Social Media graduate class, Red Hat and Tropo.