Livefront launches free mobile app testing lab

by Son Huynh

Minneapolis-based mobile software developer Livefront recently unveiled a new mobile device testing lab called FinalPass.

The local resource contains a growing inventory of mobile phones and tablets for testing iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone applications on a variety of form factors. The lab was put together to supplement the barrage of testing already done by most developers on emulators.

“Many times an emulator doesn’t adequately represent how an application will truly function on the physical hardware,” says Mike Bollinger, CEO of Livefront and TECHdotMN Co-Founder. “We built this collection of devices out of our own need to thoroughly test mobile apps before delivering them to our clients.” The FinalPass lab is launching with 7 Android phones/tablets, 7 iOS phones/tablets, and 2 Windows phones.

With over 500,000 Android and iOS applications in their respective marketplaces, and scores of devices on which mobile sites and apps can be consumed, developers can likely expect to see more testing strategies and solutions being offered from both manufacturers and service providers in the near future. “Building consistently reliable and useful software is going to mean thoroughly testing on more and more devices as the industry grows,” Bollinger said.

The lab is currently free to anyone in the Minnesota software community, but does require a reservation.


  • Robert Nelson

    Wow, really cool idea!