NE Minneapolis’ FourCubed en route to be the ‘Commission Junction’ of online poker

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By Ryan Ruud

Chris Carlson FourcubedFrom analyst, to gamer, to entrepreneur — east coast native Chris Carlson has quietly built a multi-million dollar internet marketing network in the world of online poker.

In 2004, Carlson began supplementing his income by playing poker online, but his business acumen naturally led him to more.  “Managing statistics and transactions was a pain,” Carlson recalls, “So I created various software and marketing tools to manage and fund it all.”

His first product, RakeTracker (rake = house commission) proved a worthy proposition to a growing audience, essentially discounting the cost of play through reimbursement.

FourCubedOver the next 7 years, Carlson launched multiple sites like & which all fall under the holding name FourCubed. The Northeast Minneapolis company now  has 19 employees, revenues topping $10m, and was recently named to the Inc. 500/5,000 fastest growing private companies list.

One of the largest brands that fall under FourCubed umbrella is a white label affiliate marketing network called PokerAffiliateSolutions.Com (PAS).  “40 percent of the top 100 performance marketing poker sites in Google are serviced by PAS,” he explains.

FourCubed history

“The site currently supports more than 6,000 publishers and services more than 100,000 members,” according to Carlson, “My vision is for PAS and FourCubed to be the standard across the industry by eliminating inefficiencies.”

Carlson feels that the affiliate market in the online poker industry is still a highly segregated one in need of consolidating, saying “I see it as aCommission Junction for online poker and affiliate marketing.”

His primary focus now is on finding the right business-minded partners to help forge relationships with traditional brick and mortar houses (think Harrahs and Ceasars) increasingly turning to online opportunities.


  • Mark Gritter

    I'm a poker player (and have even received rakeback) so I'm no critic of Mr. Carlson's business.  However, I am kind of boggled to read this article without any mention of the recent trouble surrounding online poker in the U.S., or the challenges Poker Affiliate Solutions and its partners might face.

    • Jeff Pesek

      That's a good point Mark, it would have made for a more well rounded article!

  • Jon Coudron

    Nice Article Ryan1

  • John Doe

    why sign up for something like pas when you can sign up directly with the poker sites and not get a cut of your money taken. Also you will get all the latest media releases such as banners and landing pages which you wouldnt get with pas