New homegrown tech lets horses speak


Horse Sense ShoesA new and unique Minnesota startup is in the works called Horse Sense Shoes.

The technology involves embedding a non-invasive sensor into a horse shoe that transmits performance indicators like pressure and heat to a SaaS dashboard. With Horse Sense Shoes, horse handlers can be tipped off to critical health issues before they become severely problematic.

“The idea began during a lecture in the summer of 2010, thinking about technology and horses, two areas that I’m passionate about,” says CEO and co founder Mike McHugh, who has been working in the electronics industry since 1988.  Less than a year later, McHugh had partnered with Ted Collins and the two had  prototyped, proven and and patented their invention.

There are an estimated 75 million horses in the world and 7.5 million performance horses in North America — race horses, show horses, jump horses, etc.” McHugh explains, “It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and 33% of these performance horses are injured at any given time according to the AHC, representing $500m in annual losses. This is as much about promoting healthy horses as it is protecting investment.”