Covert startup KVS to be unveiled at the Minnesota Tech Entrepreneurs Rally tomorrow


Knowledge Visualization SystemsAn emerging Minneapolis startup called Knowledge Visualization Systems — dubbed KVS — has been added to the lineup for tomorrow nights Minnesota Tech Entrepreneurs Rally which begins at 6:30pm  CoCo in downtown Minneapolis. [waitlist]

“KVS is here to revolutionize the way people process information by creating a visual language with dynamic media that organizes and communicates systemic knowledge,” says founder and CEO Alan Yelsey, and educational psychologist who holds a PhD in dynamic human systems modeling. Below is a promo clip created for KVS’ forthcoming product, Y Worlds:

A uniquely eclectic man with a diverse professional background, Yelsey’s lifelong objective has been to “experience and understand the people, science and systems of the earth.” After selling his previous company Machine Dreams to Computershare in 2008, Yelsey has since connected with interaction designer and developer Kyle Phillips, who is acting as the project’s creative director “to provide computational design and innovation in the field of information visualization.” Lead interaction designer Robert Broneak also joined to augment 3D, video and web development capacity.

KVS’ vision is as ambitious as it is nebulous.  “We are a nimble team driven by science and design, specializing in interactive visualization products that provide clarity and insight into complex systems. Our work focuses on corporate and societal data visualization using rich educational media,” Yelsey explains in a high level tone.

Having witnessed KVS’ “multilayered visual approach” in HTML5, and after meeting with with and peering into the minds of a talented group of individuals, it’s clear that KVS aspires to beget positive societal impact the world — a fundamental element of necessity for technological inventions that are truly life changing.

Gardiner Media GroupRally related, thanks to Gardiner Media Group for on boarding as a sponsor to cover some financial odds and ends associated with hosting an event of this scope.

TECHdotMN is pleased to be collaborating with and otherwise supporting the following values-driven local organizations at the event tomorrow:

At Common Roots Cafe we are committed to supporting our local community. That means we use ingredients created right here in Minnesota by farmers we know.   We create our menu to reflect the best of the month’s offerings from local producers, meaning that customers get fresh food that doesn’t have to be frozen on travel across country in the back of a semi. It means that we are doing business by keeping dollars in our communities, lessening our environmental impact, and making food that tastes great.

BRIDGEdotMN BRIDGEdotMN is a collaboration among TECHdotMN, Project for Pride in Living (PPL), CTEP AmeriCorps, and Mobile Citizen formed to equip Minnesota youth with resources that increase their digital literacy skills. Together, we can invest in our future by providing computers, mobile broadband and technical training for local students in need.

Finnegans BeerFinnegans was founded in 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from the belief that each and every one of us can make a difference in our community. When we created our first product, FINNEGANS Irish Amber, we made the decision to donate 100 percent of the profits back to the community where it’s sold to help alleviate poverty. And we knew it was going to take hard work, unwavering passion, and even a little magic along the way to make it a sustainable effort.

The Tea GardenThe Tea Garden brought the “tea bar” concept to the Twin Cities in March of 2002 with its first location in Uptown Minneapolis, introducing many specialty teas to the area – among them bubble tea. The Tea Garden is a relaxing place for studying as well as for meetings, or an alternative venue to night clubbing with live DJs & Jazz on the weekends. We also showcase displays of artwork from local artists in the community.