CRAM setting sights on $2m second round


CRAM WorldwideShoreview-based startup CRAM Worldwide recently disclosed intentions of raising a $2m second round of equity financing, according to a document recently filed with the SEC.

The filing states $50k has been procured, as the company is offering “units of membership interest on a best efforts basis to accredited investors” in $5k increments . CRAM closed on an initial round of funding ($600k) earlier this summer while simultaneously becoming a finalist in the Minnesota Cup High Tech Division. From the company’s website:

“CRAM™ is the world’s first portable home entertainment system that uses high-capacity hard drives to deliver libraries of content to your home. The CRAM™ media player gives you hundreds of movies, thousands of songs, entire television series or educational programming like lectures from top Universities. CRAM™ is the ultimate content experience and the ultimate conduit for digital media to the home or on the go. CRAM™ is led by a passionate team of executives from television, technology, software and the entertainment industry who all strive to improve your viewing, listening, and learning options. CRAM™, entertainment meets innovation.”

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