Project Skyway Demo Day Livestream Video Archive

by The TECHdotMN Team


Demonstrating Companies:

Nitch Nitch (35:00) is a social network and search engine for the B2B market.

Cor2COR² Technology (48:20) provides hyper-secure* cloud storage, collaboration, and work flow automation – for the paranoid professional (*PCI/HIPPA Compliant, DOD Certified).

CribFrogCribFrog (1:03) empowers tenants to create a closed loop social network around their neighbors cultivating vibrant and connected communities.

Telemetry WebTelemetryWeb (112:15) produces an online platform called AgSphere that enables agricultural technology manufacturers to build web-connected solutions using data harvested from the farm.

NaikuNaiku (1:22) engages students through their mobile devices and our dynamic testing to improve student achievement.