Mobiata lands spot at CoCo Minneapolis

Mobiata Minneapolis MinnesotaMichigan-based mobile development company Mobiata has booked some seats in downtown Minneapolis at CoCo coworking and collaboration space, according to Principal Engineer Daniel Lew.

The company originally spread its wings here in Minnesota when Carleton grad Ben Kazez launched FlightTrack for the iPhone in November of 2008.  Mobiata became a Minnesota Cup high tech division finalist in 2009, but didn’t see the same success that year as Alvenda.

Kazez eventually purchased a one way ticket to Michigan where Mobiata continued to grow for a bit before Expedia made its  “most significant investment to date in addressing the mobile travel market,” by acquiring Mobiata for an undisclosed sum in November, 2010.

Mobiata now develops Expedia’s mobile apps as well,  leads the development and research in all emerging platforms for the company, and continues to ‘innovate and iterate on Mobiata apps as well.’ Headquartered in Ann Arbor, the collective 30 person company also maintains a location in San Francisco.  Daniel Lew shed some light on the CoCo decision:

What made you decide to come to CoCo?
“Once we hired our fourth Minneapolis employee, we decided that it was finally time to get a space! The San Francisco team has been going to a co-working center for a while and loves it. The Minneapolis CoCo space is amazing and we couldn’t resist signing up!”

What kinds of people or resources are you hoping to connect with at CoCo?
“We are always interested in collaborating and communicating with great members of the local tech community, especially anyone who is interested in mobile development or is passionate about travel.”