Hardcore Computer kicks off another multi-million dollar funding round


Hardcore ComputerA Rochester startup that specializes in liquid-submersion cooling technologies for high performance computing environments is about to enter fundraising mode (again) according recent to SEC filings.

Hardcore Computer’s technology was originally introduced to the market in 2008, followed by liquid submerged blade servers in spring 2010,and has since expanded to three unique product lines:

  • LSS 200 liquid submerged server – desribed as “the world’s first rack-mountable server with total liquid submersion technology – delivering savings and sustainability to the enterprise.”
  • Detonator – a workstation for those “professionals who demand exceptional speed, versatility and rock-solid stability,” such as high frequency traders.

The company has seen an estimated $6.5m in capitalization since 2006 inception, and it’s confirmed that their latest effort was successful ($1.5m).  Earlier this year, it was announced that Sun Microsystems co founder Scott McNealy had become an advisor.

Hardcore maintains approximately 30 employees and at least six patents. “We effectively own the submersion cooling market,” co founder and CTO Chad Attlesey was quoted as saying in an interview.

Hardcore computer declined to comment on this article.


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