Beta Byte: ServerCyde



ServerCydeBeta Byte is a new series for the early stage tech that lies somewhere between idea and traction. Tough. Awkward. Raw.  Are you in this phase?

What is the name of the company and/or product?

ServerCyde. We are tossing around the idea of calling the widgets, made with ServerCyde, AppHammers. We just recently went open source too.

Where is it (or will it be) found online?

Homepage:; source code:

What is the customer value proposition? What business problem is being solved?

You get a backend to your web app in minutes. You can augment any site, regardless of it’s existing technology, because it’s all client side code! ServerCyde is a multi-featured platform to let JavaScript developers build fully functional widgets or even sites without needing to write any server side code. The core features are:

1. A visual interface to Amazon SimpleDB with a query builder. This is the core technology, it give the developer a secure way of interfacing with a database from client code without having to write a single line of server code. This makes databases accessible to front end developers.
2. Authentication: including facebook connect, seriously you can signup a member with one line of JavaScript!
3. Messaging, as in real time messaging as needed for a chat app, or multi-player game
4. Stored API calls: this lets you securely interface with any 3rd party API out there.
5. Email templates (this way you can send emails from a client side app!)

When did development start?

July 2011

Who is on the team?

Myself, Riaz Missaghi, and my cousin Amir Missaghi

What are things currently at?

The platform has launched but we are pivoting from making revenue selling the platform to making revenue via an app market of ServerCyde widgets to be launched by 2012.

What is your greatest strength?

Our technology is pretty sweet and we really hope to see folks take advantage of it.

What is your biggest weakness?

We are not that well connected so we have yet to find some mentors to help us especially with building awareness.

What is the specific technologies, framework, languages, etc. that makes this thing run? Is there any IP?

The platform is built on the Microsoft stack of C# and SQL and leverages the Amazon Web Services SDK. The Cross Domain Sharing technology required to connect everything is home grown but really owes a lot to the generous sharing of techniques by developers around the world.

What is the a revenue model?  How big is the market?

The new revenue model is to build a marketplace and get in on the transactions of developers selling their widgets built with the platform.

The market is huge. With the popularity of apps there has a been a rise in the number of developers building apps. It’s no surprise that Google Ventures is backing a backend product for native apps called Parse. We are betting on the shift away from native apps in favor of HTML5 web apps since they run on any platform and will need a back end or a platform for rapid prototyping. That’s were we fit in and we would love to get GV’s attention!

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

Time! And someone with great marketing skills.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

It’s been a great learning experience sharing this project with the great talent in the Twin Cities and getting their feedback. I will be presenting an overview and tutorial of using the platform at the next JavaScriptMN meetup.