First annual Code Slingers Challenge ends in a tie

by Mike Bollinger

Last weekend’s Code Slingers Challenge attracted 6 teams of mobile app developers across 3 platforms.

But only two left the duel standing.

The ILM Mega Minds (iOS), made up of Kyle LeNeau, Adam Terlson and Robert O’Keefe, and Double Ataris (Adobe Air), made up of Chris Black, Chuck Preston, Andrew Charon, Robert Speer tied for first place. Each team received $500, and will split time with the newly minted Code Slinger’s trophy.

Using their development platform of choice, the self-formed teams dedicated their Saturday to building a mobile app based on parameters that were held secret until the day of the event and the team who completed the most features with the fewest bugs in the allocated time would win.

The challenge was to create an app named Wine Scout that allows its users to geo tag a wine at its store, rate it, and leave comments. The app also allows the users to browse other people’s recommendations that they left at the specific stores. The social media integration allowed the users to share the wine experience with their friends on Facebook.

The competition was presented by Fusion Room, a local software development company, and app parameters by Azul 7, a digital brand strategy firm.

“We just recently envisioned this one of a kind event and didn’t really know what to expect. I was amazed and thrilled by the talent of the teams that competed and by the spirit of fun and excitement among the organizers and volunteers. I specifically want to thank Azul 7 for partnering with us. Code Slingers many not have happened without their support,” said Fahran Muhammad, CEO of Fusion Room.

The event was recorded, and the archive is available.


  • Casey Allen

    This is AWESOME. Congrats to all participants and mad props to Fahran + team for putting it together.