by The TECHdotMN Team


Jeff Pesek (JP): We’re here with Andy Pickett, chief creative officer for a mobile startup called QONQR which is a finalist here in the mobile division at the TEKNE Awards. Congratulations.

Andy Pickett (AP): Thank you very much

JP: QONQR sprung out of Startup Weekend not too long ago, you guys got together, rallied around a crazy idea, went heads down…and you’re still kicking…what’s going on at QONQR?

AP: We are cranking on development now for our Windows mobile app and Android app, soon to follow will be the iPhone version.  We should be in all mobile major marketplaces Q1 2012, with v1 and expansions to follow after that.

JP: Ok…you’re moving.  For those who don’t know, what is QONQR?

AP: QONQR is the geo-social game of world domination.  It basically is a massively multiplayer game of risk played on your smartphone using GPS to check in or deploy armies in cities and neighborhoods around the world. We launched our mobile beta in March at SXSW, we have players in 30 counties and 40 states playing. People are digging it.

JP: Very cool. Are you guys monetizing this yet?

AP: We’re not. The beta is free to play and the apps will be free in all marketplaces — we’ll pay for it with freemium upgrades, so if people want to upgrade their missile launches or nano-bot generators, they can pay 99 cents for faster refreshes and stuff like that.

JP: Anything else you would like to add Andy?

AP:Just having a blast! This is living the dream, I’ve wanted to make video games since my dad got me an Atari 2600 in the 80’s and now I’m doing it…thrilled!

JP: You heard it there from Andy Pickett, chief creative officer at QONQR.