Beta Byte: Jam’s Space



jamsspaceBeta Byte is a new series for the early stage tech that lies somewhere between idea and traction. Exciting. Awkward. Raw.  Are you in this phase?

What is the name of the company and/or product?

Jam’s Space

What is the customer value proposition? What business problem is being solved?

Jam’s Space connects Reggae/Rock Fans to Bands (and Bands to Fans) via multiple features found within our website. Some of these features include: Jam’s Space Radio – A commercial free Online Radio which was included as iTunes first Reggae/Rock Stream on Jan. 24th (2011) and Jam’s Space On Demand – A cloud-based, commercial-free feature that allows individual fans to be the ‘DJ’ by selecting from thousands of hand-selected songs.

When did development start?

Both Jam’s Space Radio & On Demand were conceived roughly one year ago (Nov/Dec. ’10). Since going ‘Live’ on 11/14/10 International Reggae/Rock fans have collectively spent over 5 years ‘tuned in’ to Jam’s Space Radio. Our On Demand feature went ‘Live’ on 12/6/10 and to date our fans have streamed over 150,000 songs.

Who is on the team?

Jim ‘Jam’ Dupont: Some call him Jim, some call him Jam, while others know him as ‘The Midwest Reggae Ambassador. He’s passionate about Reggae/Rock music and his goal is to expose new people to the music he loves. Jim founded Jam’s Space in March 2010 as a centralized place to showcase pictures & videos from live shows, links to bands, and upcoming events.

Nathan Reimnitz: After passing on the invitation to attend MIT, Nathan partnered with Jim and is responsible for building the entire online interface from the ground up. He may be just 22 years young, but he has a proven track record for successes as an entrepreneur in MN.

Eric Anderson: Investor and Irie Vibe Coordinator.

What is your greatest strength?

We maintain personal relationships with each and every Artist (or their management) featured on Jam’s Space. These relationships allow us to provide a more genuine experience for all the fans.

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies, framework, languages, etc. that makes this thing run? Is there any IP?

The recipe for Jam’s Space is pretty simple actually… In a large bowl, build a solid base of Joomla (j1.5 preferred). Then combine equal parts HTML5 and Cloud Technologies. Next you’ll need to add some intuitive navigation, SEO, and a dash of modern graphic design. Once you’ve thoroughly mixed everything together cover with aluminum foil and bake at 420 degrees for 9-12 months, voila!

What is the a revenue model?  How big is the market?

Jam’s Space has developed and deployed very light-weight & cost-effective music sharing technologies. This allows our monthly operating expenses to remain roughly the same as 2 tanks of gas. With that being said, our online revenue model is based on paid sponsors and advertisers on our site. Our offline revenue model revolves around hosting live events and shows.

What is the ultimate vision?

Jam’s Space ultimate vision is to become the #1 Reggae/Rock resource available online. However, the founders are simultaneously working on another cloud-based interface with multi-genre appeal (Hip-hop, Rock, Country, etc). The ultimate vision for that project is to provide fans with instant access to all of their favorite music through their internet browser without having to download a new application.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

We have the systems built and agreements in place with ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC. All we need now is some capital…

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford



  • Anonymous

    lol “Then combine equal parts HTML5 and Cloud Technologies” this site appears to be hosted at hostgator?  This site is built using  Joomla components, and outdated ones. This “technology” can be replicated for less than a few hundred dollars.  Its clear whoever wrote this has little to no experience with Technology. C'mon TECHdotMN posting stuff like this makes your credibility drop significantly, screen your sourced articles better.

    • Jeff Pesek

      I wouldn't dispute your points, but would note that our goal with 'beta byte' is more about providing exposure for aspiring entrepreneurs than it is dissecting and analyzing their technology.

      However damaging this may be to our credibility, this awareness is ultimately beneficial for the entrepreneur (even if to hear the harsh reality) and thus, will continue. 

      In the future, you may want to avoid reading 'beta byte' themed articles, for they will likely have no merit in your perspective. Or, you could just continue passing judgement under the cloak of anonymity?

    • Nathan Ello

      The site is actually hosted with RackSpace, hence the 'cloud technologies' reference, and all of the music streaming components leverage the latest HTML5…

      You're right that J1.5 is now dated, however 18 months ago when this project was conceived that wasn't the case. We're currently working on a new J2.5 version as well.

      The person who wrote this article (Me) has a successful background as an entrepreneur in MN, specifically in developing web based tech businesses.