Minnesota e-commerce biz finds its cause

by Tristan Pollock


Water Filters for CharityWaterFilters.net began on founder and CEO Jamin Arvig’s family room couch nearly ten years ago and has since become recognized nationwide as one of the fasting growing private e-commerce companies three years running by Inc. Magazine.

As such, the now 30-person operation moved on from “floral patterns and dust bunnies” to a state-of-the-art 30,000-square-foot warehouse in Zumbrota, Minn. to support 566 percent, 3-year growth that pushed annual revenues up over the $10-million mark.

WaterFilters.net may be a for-profit company, but the water runs deeper in this corporate culture.

“From the outset there was a concern about healthy ecology,” says Karl Rist, content marketing specialist at WaterFilters.net. “Our customers represent a wider community and they recognize the need for healthy water and a sustainable planet. We are part of that.”

When Arvig flew to Washington D.C. in September to meet with Scott Harrison, founder of global nonprofit charity: water, they formed a new collaboration called “Water Filters for Charity.” As a result, WaterFilters.net now donates 5 percent of sales — indefinitely — towards providing under-served individuals around the world with improved water facilities.

“We have always made it our mission to improve water and the world, but we decided to do more,” says Arvig. “It aligns perfectly with our company’s core values, and especially with our emerging emphasis on servant leadership. As a business, we offer our customers affordable, pure water. As a corporate participant in a larger movement, we are committed to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in need.”

Since the program began in November, WaterFilters.net has already donated $10,000 to charity: water, a nonprofit that sends 100 percent of donations to water projects in needy communities. That’s enough to support two wells and clean drinking water for 1,000 people.

And their giving doesn’t stop there. Arvig and his team plan to send donations to a variety of nonprofits through a “You save, we give” campaign this holiday season. Blue Planet Network, Clean Water Fund, Living Water International, Project Wet, Thirst Relief International, WaterAid, Water for People, Waterkeeper Alliance, Water.org, and The Water Project will all benefit from this Minnesota company’s generosity.


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    Thanks, Tristan, for spreading the word about our company's charitable cause. We put together a funny video and our very own “Water Band” to promote our campaign: http://bit.ly/uBizpV

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    Haha! Great video. Keep up the good work.