Computers to Low Income Families in Brainerd



By Ann Treacy, Blandin on Broadband

“In March of 2010, Jessica found herself without a working computer at home, and in danger of falling behind in her school work as a result.

Fortunately, thanks to a new project in the Brainerd area to provide refurbished used computers to income eligible families at a very low cost, Jessica now has a working computer at home, and thanks to a reduced internet access fee provided through Consolidated Telephone (CTC), she is also able to do on-line research from the comfort of her own home.”

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  • Jason Hsu

    I applaud the work that PCs for People is doing to bridge the digital divide.  In a world with excessive electronic waste, it's scandalous that poor people have to go without computers.  PCs for People is helping with TWO great causes – bridging the digital divide AND helping the environment by reducing electronic waste.

    Another group that gives donated computers to those in need is Free Geek.  While PCs for People installs Windows XP on donated computers, Free Geek installs Linux on donated computers.  Unlike Windows, Linux is free.  Other advantages of Linux include better superior security, superior stability, and a large selection of free software from a centralized repository.  You can read more about the benefits of Linux at… .

  • Vincent Mesecher

    That's some pretty great news. Indeed, the absence of a computer can hold a person back. It's a convenient tool for research, and with an internet connection, students can study in a more effective manner.

  • hougye

    so the poor families can afford a computer…this is a good news