TECHdotMN TV short: TEKNE + AngelPolleNation

by The TECHdotMN Team


Mike Bollinger (MB):We’re at the TEKNE Awards 2011, here with Jeffrey Robbins, AngelPolleNation (APN) catalyst and organizer. Jeffrey, tell us a little bit about APN and what your goals behind it are.

Jeffrey Robbins (JR): Sure thing. Well, I think the purpose of APN is to create greater awareness, communication and education amongst solo investors, informal investment clubs and more formal angel investment groups as they exist in Minnesota. I really think that the conversation among investors is what really helps to generate more interest in companies.

And in fact, we just had our first company get funded out of an APN presentation. And so I think that proves up the concept.

MB:That’s incredible incredible, great news, what company was that?

JR: Well, I would probably have to shoot you to tell you that. I’ll put it this way: from a securities law perspective, since their still in fundraising mode, I’m not going to share that…but I think it’s really exciting news anyway.

MB: What’s next for APN?

JR: Our next event is on December 13th and our plan there is to have a little education piece around the new patent act because it’s important for investors to understand how that’s going to impact things. And then we’ll have a few other presentations from local catalysts in the investment and entrepreneurial marketplace. And then we’re going to have three presentations from entrepreneurs in town. My hope is that once again we can get a good turn out and get some investment moving along.

MB: And Jeffrey, I’ve been to a few of your events and there are a lot of investors there and it’s a really great thing that you’re doing so thanks for doing that.

JR:…and thanks for your help in getting the word out, that’s a really important part of things.