Passion Squared = AppViz

by Geoff Dutton


AppViz-Icon“We’re the twins in the black AppViz shirts,” was the message received from Dustin as I was en route to our meeting. Sometimes interviews can take a little time to get the conversation flowing, but not with twin entrepreneurs Dylan and Dustin Bruzenak.

I quickly realized these two were some of the most passionate startup founders I’ve ever met, and it shows in AppViz — a software application for developers to monitor their iOS and Mac product sales from the Apple/Mac App Store.

Dylan and Dustin BruzenakBoth Dustin and Dylan came from Adobe, and AppViz started when Dylan’s contract was up in late 2007. He decided to try writing his first iPhone app, but when he published it, realized that there was no way to track sales.

AppViz was then created in response and began as the classic case of the minimum viable product, with a mere two sales in the first month. Dustin recalls pushing his brother to Dylan to “just ship something.”

“The first version was bad,” they admit, “…and I basically just tweeted it and told my friends about it. Luckily, one of the most popular tech blogger in Ireland picked it up,” says Dylan, “which was enough for us to continue.”