11 predictions for the Minnesota Tech Industry in 2012

mayan calendarYes, we did.  In random order:

1) Two publicly traded Minnesota tech companies will be bought out.

2) A group of experienced and accomplished Minnesota tech entrepreneurs will form their own angel fund.

3) Collaboration and consolidation will increase amongst service-based development firms.

4) There will be a measurable boost in the number of Minnesota startups gaining national exposure.

5) A foundation for reinvestment into the next generation of tech entrepreneurs will be created.

6) Minnesota tech startups will raise over $150m in private funding.

7) Google opens an office in Minnesota.

8 ) Five startups/emerging companies will be acquired for an aggregate total of $400m+ (one will be $150m+)

9) One Minnesota tech company will IPO; another will file, but won’t go until 2013.

10) Three startups will relocate outside Minnesota.

11) A Fortune 500 company launches “Netflix Prize” type of developer challenge.

What would you add or subtract?


  • http://twitter.com/webster Tony Webster

    I think all of this is pretty much spot-on.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenladin StevenLadin


    Did you use the Magic 8 ball or Ouija Board this year? ; -)

  • Fjaskulke


    I think there weill be at least 50 completely new non-medtech related starupts in Minnesota for 2012.