Minneapolis startup Fresh Vine brings tech to church

by Tristan Pollock


fresh vineAfter revamping their name, software and branding in April, Fresh Vine — previously known as Nineteen05 — has developed the ultimate in web-based church management programs.

Priced at $195 per month, with multiple discounts available, Fresh Vine is highly affordable and “turns administrative offices into high-functioning machines,” says company president Paul Prins.

“Nonprofits and churches are much more concerned with what traction they’re getting towards their mission or purpose,” he continues. “Fresh Vine exists to help churches and other nonprofits better understand the engagement of those in their communities.” It’s a technology choice that is catching on across the nation.

Fresh Vine screenshot

From Boston to Seattle, Fresh Vine has increased their customer base to 26 client churches and 380 end users. The success is attributed to their bootstrapping nature, competitive pricing and an user-friendly system that works for churches large and small. “It’s an exciting time of growth,” says Prins.

The vision to provide affordable, capable software to church administrators began when Prins joined the launch team for a new church in the northern Twin Cities metro area. The software they were using was ineffective and unintuitive. An idea was sparked: What could a church accomplish with easy-to-use, effective member management software? The answer was exactly what Prins was looking for. He could cut time off administrative tasks, engage the congregation, maximize volunteer hours and better support the local community.

Like Prins’ startup,  his church has also blossomed on the vine, recently hosting a 5,000-person Christmas Eve service.