MESA’s growing software advisory portfolio

by Mike Bollinger

Agile FrameworksHybrid SaaS product & IT consulting firm Agile Frameworks has recently joined the tech executive org known as Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (MESA), according to founding mentor Kevin Spanbauer.

After spinning the company out of Braun Intertec in mid-2011 to commercialize software applications and other IP previously developed in house, Agile’s President Mike Anders led the new company in the search for qualified local advisory and found it in MESA.

“Their mission and our needs were aligned…and the services they offered were precisely what we were seeking,” said Anders. “I have found Jim Moar’s mentorship insights to our needs and anticipation of challenges spot on, and his recommendations concise, actionable, and effective thus far.”

Agile Frameworks currently counts 17 employees and is projecting $2m rev next year. “Agile Frameworks fits well with the MESA vision for mentor companies: a unique value proposition in its target market, a solid starting foundation, and strong aspirations for growth,” mentor Jim Moar said speaking to the engagement.

Minnesota Emerging Software AdvisoryMESA was launched last summer by a group of seasoned tech executives on a mission to “spark a movement to make Minnesota’s software economy rank among the most vibrant and respected in the nation.” The group provides primary and secondary mentors for  12 – 24 months to select  start-up and emerging software companies.

Emergingsoft and RAI Stone Group were two original MESA portfolio companies, with startups riteSOFT and ActiFi also recently joining the fold.

“I respect MESA’s contribution to our state and industry, and hope to someday join the mentor ranks,” Anders said of MESA’s initiative.


  • NeilJones2012

    joining MESA was a good move for them.