FitBolt is simple, sexy and scalable


FitBoltEvan Carothers has spent the past five years designing and developing software to ease the lives of others in some way, shape or form.

And after moonlighting his first product on nights and weekends for the past year, safe to say he’s become an entrepreneur.  Carothers launched FitBolt last week as a daily fitness regimen app for those, like him,  that sit at a desk all day.

“I’m a health conscious person and have come to realize how sitting down for hours on end — 50,60,70 hours every week –was having an adverse affect on my ability to maintain a physical edge,” he says of the creation. “To this end, I made something to scratch my own itch.”

Implemented as a Firefox or Chrome plugin, desktop or web app, FitBolt provides users with a quick and convenient health tool to keep their blood moving during those long days in front of a computer. The periodic, personalized tool pushes interval reminders regarding posture, exercises, stretches, nutritional hints and wellness advice.


The app is currently distributed directly to users at a modest $3/month (free 7 day trial) and has already generated over 200 signups via word of mouth.  Considering the simplicity, utility and market size, it’s not hard to see how FitBolt could catch on and rapidly scale up; from a content delivery perspective, FitBolt’s possibilities are endless.

“My goal is to enable desk workers just like myself everywhere to live happier, healthier lives that result in higher productivity and lower healthcare costs in the long run,” says Carothers.