MinneDemo Winter 2012 Livestream [Video Archive]

by The TECHdotMN Team


MinneDemo Winter 2012 Presenters Part 1:

  • Crashplan Mobile (12:40): allows users of CrashPlan+ and CrashPlan PRO to download, view and share the files from all of their computers, right from their mobile device.
  • fitparel (20:30): a tool to help you find the correct size for an apparel no matter the brand.
  • Team Digest (27:30): keeping your team informed and focused with daily or weekly or daily email briefs with important articles and information.
  • Brahmageddon (35:40): An iOS game that is best described as classic arcade whack-a-mole meets Hindu mythology.

MinneDemo Winter 2012 Presenters Part 2:

  • Wahooly (00:40): making it possible for the average socially-active person to earn equity in 100′s of emerging startups by using their influence as an investment.
  • FitBolt (9:00): A workday health & wellness platform that helps people who work at desks stay fit, happy, and healthy during the workday.
  • Migration+ (17:15): move your iPhone contacts to your Android phone through the cloud…and vice versa.
  • LeagueSafe (21:40): a scalable finance management service specifically honed to the needs of fantasy sports players.


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  • Nick Hammer

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