Startup Weekend Twin Cities #3 is fast approaching

Startup-Weekend-Twin-Cities-3Since the original announcement was made just before the holiday season, tickets for Startup Weekend Twin Cities 3 went fast — demonstrating strong demand for the collaborative creation process this type of event offers.

This update includes the release of a few extra tickets, a list of final judges, speakers, sponsors — and an open invitation to get involved.

Startup Weekend is all about community. If you’re looking for an efficient and fun way to give something back, there are two ways to support Minnesota’s next wave of Startup Weekend grads:

1) Mentoring;  on either Saturday (2/11) or Sunday (2/12) between 10 -5 experienced tech types can lend some know-how and help advance one or more teams.

2) Observation & networking;  on Sunday night (2/12) the final pitches & demo’s will kick-off around 5pm.

The three day event is held at the U of M Carlson School of Management – 321 19th Avenue S Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Final Judges:

Dan Grigsby – Drivetrain

Luke Francl – Minne*

Tim Huebsch – General Mills

John Stavig – Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship

Justin Porter – U of M OTC

Casey Allen – Project Skyway

Jeffrey Robbins – Messerli & Kramer

Ernest Grumbles – MOJO Minnesota

Final Speakers:

Sarah Young – Rock Your Block – “Life after Startup Weekend”

Rob Weber – W3i – “Entrepreneurship for the long haul”

Darren Cox – CaSTT – “Startups: the real world”

Final Sponsors: