Hazelden pushing apps to addicts


HazeldenThere is no shortage of iPhone apps that relate to the consumption of alcohol, but the latest to hit the market is going against the grain.

Internationally recognized Minnesota-based nonprofit Hazelden recently launched the “Field Guide to Life” app for more than 20 million Americans in recovery and trying to stay sober.

It offers alcoholics and addicts in recovery an array of digital tools and mobile support connected to core recovery principles, helping them evolve in their sobriety using the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Users progress through the 12 stages of early recovery over the course of a year and interact with features including: daily guidance and inspiration, weekly challenges, progress tracking tools, meeting finder and relapse prevention awareness.

“Hazelden’s Field Guide to Life app creates a supportive bridge between a recovering addict’s treatment and the challenges of the world outside of addiction treatment,” said Vice President Nick Motu. “We designed this app for a spectrum of the sober community, from people just out of treatment to the millions of people who wish to renew their recovery and revisit the 12 Steps.”

The app is the latest in a lineup of a dozen or so released through the publishing side of the organization, which dates back to 1954 — five years after Hazelden was started in a Minnesota farmhouse.