TECHdotMN TV short: U of M OTC | My Procedure, CBAS-R and iSEAL

by The TECHdotMN Team


In this clip from last weeks Office for Technology and Commercialization Software & IT Showcase, Business Unit Leader Rick Huebsch talks about:

Minnesota Innovation Partnerships (MN-IP): recently created to streamline the terms and conditions associated with sponsoring research and licensing intellectual property.

My Procedure: a series of web and mobile-based, 3D interactive tools developed for patient education before and after medical proceedures.

Computer Based Assessment System for Reading (CBAS-R): is a software program that provides educators with a formative assessment including: screening, progress monitoring, and skills analysis to be used in the classroom. The reading assessment software dynamically formulates individualized reading assessments for students with a kindergarten to fifth grade skill level. The assessments build upon a test taker’s previous answers, bracketing their ability level, and adapting future questions to the student’s capability.

Intelligent System for Education, Assessment, and Learning (iSEAL): is a curriculum management and learning analytics system that replaces traditional single course within a semester delivery systems such as Moodle, Blackboard, and D2L. It also collects a large dataset of student interaction with the curriculum for research into student learning, future data mining, and creation of individualized learning plans.

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